Thursday, October 14, 2010

ETSY-----Fully Loaded

I've added  some doll house minis and a couple of new mini bears in my Etsy store!
Actually a Bear and Elephant!!!

I'm at home today not feeling very well had a horrible headache last night and chest pain. Couldn't get comfy in bed couldn't lay down cause then my chest would hurt but couldn't sit up cause of my a sight!!
Feeling much better now but if I do to much I know that headache will come back and turn into a migraine!!!
So I am just taking it nice and easy!
Have a Happy day!!

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Ascension said...

Son preciosos!!!!!!
Te han quedado muy "mimosos", adorables.
besitos ascension

KRISTINA said...

Thank you Ascension!!!
You are always so sweet!!!

The Bear's Blog said...

Hey, not allowed. Stay quiet and rest so you can be back to yourself by the weekend.

I'm watching you..............


The "kids" are adorable, they will be finding a new home in a flash.

Are you resting?

KRISTINA said...

LOL...I am resting!!!!
I need to be better for the weekend as I am supposed to finish our baseboards and replace the old bathroom vanity with a new one!
Which means we will need new flooring in the bathroom as well..of course the painting will need to be and the list goes on!!!

The Bear's Blog said...

Ugh. Now if it was a "Kristina List", that would be fun. (o:

Hugs sweet friend, just PLEASE feel better.


Melanie Clark said...

<3 them. Hope you are feeling better! We need to go out soon.. I'm getting Birthday money and I intend to spend some of it on me.. lol!


Katy Cameron said...

Aww, love them both

KRISTINA said...

Any time chicky!!! You know how I love to shop!!!

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Katy!!!