Sunday, October 17, 2010

Home Renos...Just a Little

This weekend was spent putting new base boards in my house..I have been putting that off for two some were on and the rest..well it's just one of those projects that wasn't high on the to-do list! But they are done and they look great! So next weekend I think I will get them all painted and pretty. I also bought a new vanity/sink for the half bath. We desperately needed one the old one was just getting sooo....OLD!!! I think it's going to look great! As long as that project is done before Christmas I will be happy!!!

Today we all went to a massive garage sale and yes I found some doll clothes!!!
I need to buy a new cabinet of drawers cause my other one is getting really full!!!
***MY Addiction***

I am also almost finished my newest ellie! She is looking good..need to do the final touches and then go play with all my doll clothes to find that perfect match!!!
So much FUN!!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!
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Leny said...


Great job!!I loved your giraffe.
Follow your blog now,

Big hugs,

KRISTINA said...

Hi and welcome Leny!!
Thanks very much!!