Monday, October 4, 2010


I made it!!!
The shows are finished and I am exhausted!!
But always worth it!!
I did very started pretty slow but picked up in the afternoon.
I am happy to say I made more then I spent..LOL..
I didn't take that many pics of my table..
I bought myself some bear supplies, some mohair and wool felt!
Plus a sweet little dolly called my name as I walked by.....
had to have her!!!
Plus I bought a few doll clothes.....
wellllllllllllllll more like a
of doll clothes
Your laughing at me!!...aren't you??!!
This is what I go for at the show. These very nice ladys always have great doll clothes and stuff and they are very well priced. Plus where else am I going to find such precious clothing!!
I tell you..I get such a high off of these I would NEVER have to take drugs..heehee..
This IS my drug of choice!!
So the show was great once again and I had a blast and now I can concentrate on ebay and etsy.
Kristina :O)
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The Bear's Blog said...


Beautiful display. Great to hear of a successful day. And the "mountains" of treasures, very sweet doll too. Do you collect them?


KRISTINA said...

Hi Joyce..well it's become a collection but I do use them for dressing my bears and critters!! But I will admit the bears have more clothes then I do!! I buy a doll every now and then...

alysonklatt said...

yes, we are laughing at you kristina :) but with love ! our new friends love their homes !

love aly & lorraine !

KRISTINA said...

OMG!!!! Aly you guys crack me up!!
I'm glad they love their new homes...they have great new mommies!!
Luv K

FenBeary Folk said...

What a gorgeous stand xxx