Monday, October 11, 2010

Wonderful Meal

Well Mom made another yummy Thanksgiving meal for us last night
and what's even better is there are leftovers  for tonight!!!
I am sure she is happy about that as cooking!!!

I have to share a picture with you's not a very good  pic cause I took it with my cell phone..
Anyway we are having a competition at work on who can make the best mini pumpkin. We all are supposed to make one and then we will leave it out for all the patients to see and then they get to vote!
And the one who gets the most votes is the winner!!
Now I am not sure what the prize is...but this is too much fun...
WOW imagine that fun at work!!!!
Well here's my crazy guy!!
The other sign says "to book an appointment with a doctor here"
Happy Monday!!
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The Bear's Blog said...

WINNER. WINNER. WINNER. Can I vote? Please?

He is just too cute. He is the WINNER, I just know. You are soooo creative.

Happy Thanksgiving. Leftovers are so good, and no mess in the kitchen. Do you have a traditional dinner, like turkey?


KRISTINA said...

LOL!!! Always wonderful to have your support Joyce!!!

You bet...turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes and stuffing and a German noodle that I'm not sure how to spell...heehee...and brussel sprouts..WAIT!!! before you say eeewwww brussel sprouts..This is the best receipe EVER for sprouts!! I don't like sprouts BUT I LOVE these....
Yes it was a fantastic meal!!
And we had dessert to!!!!
Happy Bellies!!!

The Bear's Blog said...

We LOVE brussel sprouts. I steam them in low sodium chicken broth, we probably have them once a month.

Is the noodle Spatzie? I cheated - looked in my recipe book.

Tummies are smiling. (o: Now I can't wait for our Thanksgiving.


KRISTINA said...

Well if it's the same thing as Spatzel?!! Then yes!!! They are tiny roundish pasta!! And a favortie thing in our family! Soooo yummy swimming in gravy..heehee...