Saturday, November 27, 2010

The BIG 7 0

Thank you Astrid!!!

70 followers!! Wow..
Thank you ALL!!!

Well I am working on a couple of critters. One for a friend for a Christmas Swap and the other or maybe for ME!!
This morning I was admiring the Christmas lights outside my balcony
I love how they look and the way they give that warm soft glow through my window in the evening...wonderful way to fall asleep at night!

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Bogdan Burca said...

Hello, My name is Bogdan from Romania!
My blog address is:
Can we be friends??
Thank you!!
For those who do not understand use Google Translate.
You can make LinkExchange or add me to your list of blogs. Said in a comment !!! THANK YOU !!!

Katy Cameron said...

Thanks for the introduction Kristina, I'm now following Astrid, what lovely wee bears :o)