Friday, December 3, 2010

A Christmas Surprise

My Kristel Bear was in the Nov/Dec TeddyBear Review mag!!!
I sent some pictures in and TA-DA!!!

Unfortutantly I missed the magazine....I got the digital version from Melanie....
Thanks A Bunch!!!
Now I need to see if I can purchase the magazine somewhere...We have no luck here when it comes to the teddybear magazines....:O(
So if anyone knows where I can get it....pleassse let me know!!
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The Bear's Blog said...


She is darling. Do you have a Books-A-Million in Canada? Or a bookstore, usually they carry a huge variety of magazines. Or go online, maybe


The Bear's Blog said...

Just had another idea. Try contacting the magazine and see if they will send you a copy. Can't hurt to ask.



Katy Cameron said...

Congratulations, and good luck in the hunt! I'm in this months Teddy Bear Times, but hen's teeth appear to be more common in Glasgow right now! I think it actually came out late...

Subscription for Christmas?

KRISTINA said...

Yah!! It's very cool!!! The book stores here don't carry them any more and if they do they must only bring in one copy cause can never find them. They used to have all of them. One of my favorite things to do was go shopping with Mel and we'd stop in and buy them and sit in the coffe shop and gossip!!! Then we'd shop, then go for lunch and then look at the magazines we bought...I miss that!!!



KRISTINA said...

I did email the magazine but haven't heard back.>>i know you can purchase back issues so I might just have to wait....humbug!!!

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Katy!!!
I will figure it out!!
Congrats to you too!!!! That's another magazine can't find

Maybe....i had one and of course that's when it stopped...heehee....

The Bear's Blog said...


I can look in our Books-A-Million, just let me know. (o:


FenBeary Folk said...

So gorgeous xx