Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Goodies Show and Tell

Yay!!! I finally got a few photos done...
This is the ellie I made for Melanie!!


It was hard to let him wanted to keep him said Melanie can have visting privileges..HAHAHA
but I know he is going to a home where he will be ADORED!!!

Here's my sweet purple panda Melanie gave me!


Melanie gave me sooo many goodies..
She gave me this sweet glass wall shelf. It has the letter K etched in the glass. So pretty!

And I had to take a picture of these hilarious socks she got me!!!!
Now here are a few pics of the gorgeous dresses Mom found!
They still need ironing but didn't get to it yet!

These are just a few of the many dresses and outfits I got...but I have to say they are my favorite!!!
Last but not least......

Lots of mohair!!!
One piece is missing from the photo cause I am making a new critter with it!!

So that's just a fraction of the wonderful gifts I got from all my loved ones!
I had a great Christmas!!!
Thank you to ALL who made it such a MERRY Christmas!!
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Katy Cameron said...

Oh what a fab swap, love both the ellie and the bear. Enjoy all your other new 'toys'

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Katy!!
I think we are both extremely pleased with our critters!!
I love doing swaps they are sooo much fun!

The Bear's Blog said...

What a Merry Christmas you had. Ellie and Panda are precious. Have fun "playing".

Happy New Year.