Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sweet New Bears

I am on a role.....well not really....these two critters have been waiting for me to finish them. I started them just after late than never!!
The first is a new bigger bear design. I was going for the antique look, with the large hump and long snout and skinny body and tapered arms. I even tried out a vinatge nose! I am very pleased with the design. The only thing I am going to change is the hump, it's just a little to big for my a little carried away I guess. Misjudged size of hump and the darts I think...just need to shave it down and should be perfect. I got the fabric from Mom at Christmas. It's just short pile fabric used generally for my minis but I have been wanting to try it on a bigger bear. I also I thought if my pattern doesn't work I haven't wasted some expensive mohair. I will make this design again just need to pick out some mohair.
The little outfit was given to me by Mom(of course) the sweater I got last Christmas and the hat this Christmas. I have been wanting to use this sweater ever since I got it but it never seemed to work for any of the bears I had made and there was reason for that. IT was MADE for Kristel!!! It was meant to be!!! She looks very beautiful if I do say so myself! *honk*honk* *toot*toot*  (:O)

Next is my little guy with a big head...LOL...I had lots of fun with him!!!!
Gave him a vintage nose too..I kind of like doing don't need to be to careful! Alfie has steel shot inside so he feels so good in your hand! He just nuzzles right in there. Mom says she has already bonded with him!!!

Hope you enjoy the bears...would love to hear what you think!!!
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

There's NO place like Home!!

I am so happy to be back!! I hope everyone has been well and had a great week!!
We had a great time in Jamaica Mon!!! I have a few pics to share. We had great weather and an awesome view from our balcony. We didn't do a whole lot but relax by the pool. We went on one excursion. We went to Dunn River Falls and a dolphin swim. The river falls was beautiful and a wee bit scary at first cause you are climbing up through the falls and sometimes the current was pretty strong. Thank god for sticky water shoes. Unfortunately you can't take pics unless you had a water proof camera or buy a dvd that they sell which I wasn't going to do. It was lots of fun though and I didn't fall and hurt myself....LOL.....The dolphin swim was amazing I absolutly LOVE these sweethearts!! I bought the dvd for that one and got some pics!

My stomach didn't agree with the food most of the time and I'm still battling an upset tummy. Pepto can be a girl's best friend...heehee...

Overall we had lots of fun but I don't think I would go back to Jamaica. It wasn't safe to leave the resort and I really didn't like the way the staff flat out asked for money. There sometimes seemed to be the "we don't want you here" attitude and I think for the amount of money a person spends you expect a certain standard. The room was clean and the bed was comfy but there are no extra creature comforts and no mini bar with bottled water...which might have something to do with my stomach as well.....
We still had loads of fun, made some new friends and I'm happy that we tried it out!!

View from our balcony

Love This Sign!!
Well that's all for now! Hope you enjoy the pictures! TTYL

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tonight's The Night

It's hereeeeee...yiippppeeeee.....A day of work and then we are outta here!!!
If I don't get to post before I leave...I wish everyone a wonderful week and I will post as soon as I return.
Big Hugs
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

So Much To Do

LOL...I LOVE this photo....and by the looks of my packing list, I really should rethink a few things..heehee!
Other than our last minute stuff we need to do, everything is set and ready to go. Hotel confirmation..We are going to Montego Bay!!! Airport transfer is set! Now I can breath and just let it happen!

Things have been very stressful at work so I am really looking forward to getting away. Of course I will miss my mom and the critters...

Update on my fatcat.....I'm happy to say we have seen a big change in him. He seems to be feeling sooo much better and he's more active and his curiosity is back. Cause what's a cat without of goes hand in hand. We have a vet appointment this morning to check his levels again. I really hope we are getting close. Last time his sugar was way to low..poor hopefully we got it now. He's eating much better now, getting used to having to eat at certain times and now he eats the required about of food so we can give him his full insulin shots. He's even eating a little more. Which makes us very happy!

I haven't been able to do much sewing.I'm either to drained from work or I haven't been home. I'm going through withdrawls...maybe I can do a little this weekend.....

Kristina :O)
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Almost Time

Oh Look!! A place for me and my baby!!!
I can smell the ocean and feel the warm sun!!!!! I really need to get my stuff will be the plan for the weekend.
Happy Thursday!
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Time Is Almost Here

I can't believe that it's just 9 days before I leave for Jamaica! I'm starting to get excited. Today I will go  shopping for all the things that I need for the trip.
I have my packing list is amazing how much stuff a woman needs to bring!
In a couple of days we should find out which resort we are staying at. Each resort looks very nice.

I'm off now to go and make my shopping list......or else I will forget half the stuff I need!

Happy Sunday
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Bear of 2010


Big Bear Hugs!
Kristina :O)
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Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year and a New Blog

Thought I would start the year with a new blog design. I'm still playing around with the do-dads but so far I really like the way it looks.

I had a wonderful Christmas and a nice New Years. I received some gorgeous mohair for Christmas and some beautiful antique dresses and hats for making my bears. My mom put together some sweet little outfits for me..they are just to cute. I can't wait to use them. I am currently working on a big bear made from a yellow gold mohair it's a nice old bear look. I have visions on what his/her outfit will be but the bears always have the finally say!! LOL..What I want doesn't mean the bear is going to want it to!
I also received some other dresses, hats, sweaters and some other fabrics as well.

Also got a new toaster oven for my polymer even has a timer on it....very important..heehee...
and my list goes on and on..I think I was extra good this year.

I got a fireplace for Christmas. The one I had originally was crappy so we returned it and got me another one which unfortunately was also crappy...heehee... so we returned that one and went shopping for a completely different kind and I found one I absolutely LOVE and it's even has a remote..LOL

I hope to finish my bear this weekend. Other than having to take my kitty to the vet on Saturday, I don't plan on doing anything but play around the house and make things!!! And wear my jamies all day long!!!

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