Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's That Saying????

When God closes a door, he opens a window?!

Well today my job door closed!!
I am no longer employed! Wow 7 years with a company and then DONE!!!
It's okay really..I was very unhappy with the way they have decided to treat the staff there, and in my opinion AND I am entitled to it the patient care has gone down the toilet! The human resource department should stick with numbers and stop playing with peoples lifes!!!
So it is in fact a blessing cause I was stressed and wanting out anyway!
So that door has shut!!
I will miss a handful of the people I worked with and the rest...excuse my language..
can eat shit!!!
And with that...

A window has opened! A fresh start with another smaller company(hopefully if all goes well) who still believe in patient care and appreciating your workers!
I am also going to give my bear and mini sales a bigger boost! See if I can start selling more regularly!

So that was my day in a nutshell!

On a more fun and pleasant note I finished another elephant!!
So I will take some pics and show him off tomorrow!
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A NEW Look!!

Sometimes you just need a change!!!

Today is going to be spent at West Edmonton Mall shopping... hopefully it won't be crazy busy!!!

I am getting closer on finishing my new critter and I must say it's looking veerrrrryyyy cute!!!

Today I leave you with a picture of my puppy girl Julie aka Fungus!!!

She has that look as if asking "And WHY can't I play with the baby deer??"
Hugs and Happy Saturday!!!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

How can it Be Thursday AlreadY???

Not that I'm complaining!! I'm very happy it's Friday tomorrow!!!
Hey I managed to take some pics of my bear..you know the one I wanted to take pics of on Tuesday!??
Well better late than never!!
Here she is and she is displayed with a few of the items I purchased at that wonderful garage sale!


My new baby was plucked, rubbed, pulled and stained...LOL..poor thing! But it gave her a wonderful well loved look and I am in Love with her! She also smells wonderful as well!! I purchased this really nice staining spray that is scented, it smells like Hyacinth. I think I shall get some more!!!
I Think I Might Have To Keep Her!!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Boy Am I Tired!

Well the weekend is over...blah!!!
However I had a really great weekend! Full of fun and little extra surprises!
We found a sweet garage sale that had some antiques and of course a few items had to come home with me
HERE was the cutest thing at the sale!

What a sweet little darling!!
It was THE best garage sale ever!!!
Apparently her mother was killed  and she was found wandering around. Some people called the Fish and Wildlife and they pretty much told them to take it back and that thats nature's way!!
Yeah...I don't think so!!!!
So this lady has been bottle feeding her and I guess when they can't take care of her they will take her to a petting zoo or something.
Her name is Becky!!!
I donated a few extra bucks to the milk fund!!! The video quality isn't the greatest and there is no sound..wasn't to sure how to work his camera. Didn't want to break it!!!

I finished a bear on Friday that I would like to show so I hope to take some pics of her..maybe tomorrow.
Also I am very happy to say that my Sweet Ellie May has been adopted by somebody in Australia!! How cool but WOW shipping was outrageous!!! I willl have to unfortunately charge more next time.
Plus I sold some of my mini boxes from my Etsy store..woohoo!
Now I defintely need to make more for the Dollhouse show!!
OH and of COURSE!!!
WELCOME to my new follower!!


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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Giving it Another Whirl

I don't even remember the last time I listed something on Ebay!!!
I thought I would give it a try!!
I used to love Ebay but they have changed so many things that it makes it a little scary!!!

Well if anyone is interested , I listed my Ellie May.
Just click on her picture on the right and it will take you straight there!!!
Wish Me Luck!!!

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dollhouse Pics.....Lots of em'

Our Dollhouse show and sale is fast approaching and Mom and I brought her dollhouse up from the basement so we can get it travel ready. I am soooo excited that we are going to be bringing the house for display. It will be so nice for Mom to hear all the comments about her house!!!
So I took some pics!!
Hope you enjoy!!!

There are soooooo many little things that I just adore about this house. The sweet details Mom has put in it!! The cat playing with the feather in the livingroom, the dog looking up at the sausage ring wondering how he can reach it!!! Mushrooms growing on the roof of the outhouse and YES there is a little something even in the outhouse HAHAHA!!!!
I found this house at a yard sale. It was in terribale condition and the lady said I could have it for $7.00. SOLD!!!!
I knew Mom could do something with it and BOY did she!!!
I have a couple of pics of the house before. I am sure glad I took those pictures!!!

OMG!!! What a transformation!!!!
Hugs and Happy Sunday!!!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

And Here She Is!!!!!

I even made her little dress!!!!
I'm excited about the little dress! It's my first one and I can't wait to try another one. The next one I make will be longer I think. I've made overalls that were really sweet...hmmmmm think it's time I made those again!!!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I finished my new little bear BUT I haven't taken a picture of her yet!
Tomorrow I will drag everything out and take some pics...well I hope to anyway!!!


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Monday, August 9, 2010

Nice Weekend and a Welcome

Well I hade a very nice weekend with my Aunt and Uncle!!
It was nice and relaxing. We got to go out on their raft and we all had a swim. I picked a few mushrooms for my Mom!
I did some reminiscing...cause I grew up there and I always get flooded with ALL kinds of memories.
I talked a little about the loss of my Father and tried to understand BUT that will not happen. and I need to accept that!! I'm trying!!! Really I am!!! :O)
So I didn't take a lot of pictures but I can share a few!!
Mom's mushroom

A small part of the lake. It has a little island!!!

Sweet butterfly

Lounging under umbrella!
Hopefully I can go out again soon before summer is gone.....didn't it just arrive?????

I have a new follower!!!

Thank You!!! Hope you enjoy it!!!

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

For all The Warm Hugs

I really appreciate all of your kind words and hugs!!
It has helped me and I am glad I shared!
So I am carring on and today in between moments of tears I was able to take some photos of my new baby!
~*Ellie May*~

I had such fun making her and aging her sweater and dress! I loved this mohair the minute I got it. It's a beautiful sage green...Me thinks I need to get some more!!!!

Plus I would like to share the beautiful flower arrangement I received at work today from my wonderful man....who is on vacation in Ontario with his kids visiting his folks. So he hasn't been here as all this is happening and the poor guy is getting messages from an emotional crazy woman(MY NAME HERE)!
So he had these delivered to brighten my day!

Very sweet and thoughtful!
Thank you baby!!!
Now I am off to pack a bag I am going to go to the lake with my Aunt and Uncle.
Hugs To All

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Was Uncertain

I love to share my joy and my life's little tid bits on my blog but I wasn't to sure if I wanted to share this kind of stuff. But the more I thought about it I realized that my blog is about ALL my life good and bad. Also knowing that those who follow me are friends and are always there for me to talk to.
Yesterday evening I found out that my father, who I have been estranged to for close to 20 years, passed away December 9 2009 of cancer. I only found out by chance and I have to say I have not handle it very well....not at all like I thought I would anyway. Without going into to many boring details and dragging his name through the mud...let's just say we were never a priority in his life! It's who he was. I never really thought that maybe one day he would come to some realization that his treatment of his family was unacceptable and who would maybe try to contact me to say......something?
Now I know it won't ever happen. What bothers me the most though is that even on his death bed I was never a thought or important enough thought to have sent word to me that he was ill or to say sorry for how things were and how they turned out. I think that is what is hurting me so much!!
I know I need to just remember that that was who he was and he was the same way till the day he died.
But for right now it's not helping my heart, I guess this is my way of grieving.
This feels like I am bringing everyone down but it's something I felt I needed to share maybe it will help me in my healing. Thank you for letting me vent and cry.

On a happier note.....I finshed my elephant today!
Hopefully by tomorrow I will have enough energy to take some pictures to show you. Right now I am exhausted and emotionally drained. Thank goodness for my bears and being able to put my heart and soul into it cause it sure helped me!!
Hug the Ones YOU Love!!!
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

I am Finished and in Love!!!

Here's a picture of my latest. She is my first attempt of this kind of dog!!
~~*Cindy Lou*~~
I think the next time I make this I will try it bigger!
It's funny how when working on one project, I seem to get inspired to do another. When I finished this one it reminded me of the other dog I made..I wonder if I have a picture???? Anyway I made him and now I won't sell him HE IS MINE!!! I just can't part with him....anyway makes me what to go back and make him again and change him up a bit. My style has changed a lot since then it would be interesting to see how it would look now??? I need more time to make all these critters!!!
Happy Sunday!!!


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