Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm so happy!!! I found my carpet!!!
I went a completely different way with the carpet then I first thought I would get..
Here I thought I would go a light color like cream but we found this other carpet that is darker and has different colors in the weave. Purples and pinks and blues!!! Once my room is done the flow in here will be gorgeous! Plus it will be easier to keep clean between me and the animals..heehee.
 It will all come together nicely with the painted furniture and all my goodies. I also got my paint for the furniture so I can start that asap!! Also the carpet should be in by the end of this week!!!
I saw a gorgeous chandelier at Rona to but I figure I can wait till next pay day for that one!!

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Katy Cameron said...

Woohoo for finding carpet!

The Bear's Blog said...


KRISTINA said...

I know!!! I am soooo excited!!! Plus it should be in by the end of THIS week!!!

KRISTINA said...

Yup YIPPPEEEE!! lol I can't wait to start painting furniture. Mom has offered one of her display cabinets. First thing I will paint will be the puter desk. So that can be done and out of the way!