Sunday, January 16, 2011

Take a moment and have a look at her sweet creations!!!

Today I finished a new critter for the On-Line bear show scheduled for Mar 12 and 13!!!
I wish I could share a picture with you all but it is supposed to be hush, hush for now!!! HAHAHA
But I will say she is awfully CUTE!!!

I have slowly started to remove stuff from my I got a lot of crap!! LOL..Okay technically it's not crap but you know what I mean!!
I think I found the paint color I will's called "Genteel Lavender"
I hope by next weekend I will be able to start painting!

I saw this picture and I WANT IT!!!
Isn't it fantastic!!! I have decided instead of building a base for my display cabient I am going to see if I can purchase one. If I could find something even close to this I would be happy!!
Then I can paint it and add some sweet details to it!!

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