Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blog Give Away

Now I know it's not as many as some blogs but it's pretty cool to me!!!
And as promised I said I would do another blog give away when I reached 100!!
So here it is...
I will be giving away a miniature bear...
The winner will be able to pick the bear they want out of three...
(JUST ONE) hahahaha...

I will draw a name on March 21...
which happens to be my birthday!!!!
You MUST be a follower and you must leave a post!!!
If you share this give away on your blog I will add your name twice!!!
Good Luck!!!

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The Bear's Blog said...

Count me in. I will put your giveaway on my left side bar. (o:

Marigold would be my choice.


ines paiva raposo said...

Kristina, mais uma vez adoraria participar! Pode ser que tenha tanta sorte como tive da outra vez!
Pus bo give-away no meu blog.
O Ollie seria a minha escolha, é lindo! Apetece dar beijinhos por ser tão fofo!

Neri said...

count me in too :) You can find a picture of Marigold and link to your site in my blog


Kays Kids said...

I would love to be in the draw.

Natalia said...

It so generous of you Kristina,
I'm in it so wonderful bears,
join me as well I soon have 100 followers giveaway event on my blog
Will be glad get any of your stunning bears.

Alba Linea said...

i never was here before but i will come back again. your little treasures are all so cute! best wishes! di

Angelique said...

Hi Kristina,

WOW, I just became a follower of your blog a few days ago...
You make amazing bears and I hope to learn a lot just reading your blog and looking at your bears.
I have never won anything, but I would love it if you would add my name to your giveaway. I will make sure to post about it on my blog too so others can become a follower of your blog also !

Beary hug,


Tine said...

Please count me in too. I am one of your first followers and I will post on my side bar with your link.

Mini Bear Hugs,

inga said...

Can I play from Hungary?

Conni said...

I´m a follower and reader from your blog!
Beautiful giveaway. I will put your giveaway on my sidebar!
Best wishes Conni

Melanie Clark said...

Woohoo. Yes, yes, count me in too please. lol! I will post on my blog later today.



Hi Kristina!
You know I can't resist entering your giveaway :o) All of the bears are adorable!! I will add a link on my blog


Leny said...

Oh boy!!Please count me in,I am a follower and I place your giveaway on my blog!!!

Thanks and hugs,

Rita Ng said...

Thanks for the giveaway, just become a follower and put the photo of Ben and link on my bolg.

Birgit/Schlossbaerchen said...

Congratulations to so many readers
What a wonderful blog candy
Have linked up on my blog

Hugs Birgit

Link zum Blog

Diny said...

Please count me in.
I am a follower now and I wil put your giveaway on my blog,that will be a picture of Marigold.
She is soooo lovely.
Greetings, Diny

Kathy said...

I would love to win one of your bears. They are all so cute!!

Loveable Treasures said...

Awww they are all so beautiful! I'd love a chance to win any one of them!

Halinka said...

It is perhaps not very nice to come to one's Blog straight forwarded to the 'Candy',or so called 'Give Away',but after all if not this fact,I would have never known that Your Blog exists:-)))
I've found it in another site and I am applying-no matter,if You like it or not!:-)))
Beautiful Blog.Beautiful furry creations.I love them all!:-)

I would like to invite You to visit my nblog too: trolles-verden.blogspot com
You may like it too and if so-please,also become my follower and take part in my *Candy in Blind*.
Best Regards-Hugs-from Denmark-

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristina, I have joined as a follower and added your giveaway on my blog page, it is so generouse to allow the winner to choose from three bears. I have used your elephant on my cute.
Cheers Susan♥

miniaturista said...

Son unos ositos preciosos, me gustaria poder participar en el sorteo
Un abrazo

miss ki said...

Congratulations on reaching 100 followers! Now 110 including me. :)
I've posted about your giveaway on my blog and you can also find a link in the sidebar.
Your bears are just adorable but Ollie the ele has stolen my heart.

Ki xo

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, they're all so very cute. As it's almost midnight here, I'll link you tomorrow :o)

Kelli said...

Kristina, congratulations! I would like to be included in your giveaway -- as your creations are just lovely! I am also going to see if I can't add a link to your giveaway on my blog. :)

Basti-Bären said...

Congratulations about more than 100 readers. Count me in, please. I will put your giveaway on my left side bar. What a wunderful giveaway, i like the sweet little bear very much.
Greatings Iris

DBears said...

Ich gratuliere zu den vielen treuen Lesern und ja ich würde gern an deiner Verlosung teilnehmen. Also springe ich in die Lostrommel und hoffe du ziehst mich wieder heraus.
-- Dirk --

Blumbärchen said...

Your animals are such little thigs, so I become a reader of yours.The link to site is in the right side bar of my blog and I hope, maybe I will win;-)

Wayne said...

Hi Kristina, I am a new follower of your blog, I love your cute yellow bear on the first picture and I hope to add him into my collection =)

I will add your give-away button on my side bear.

Wishing you Happy Birthday in advance! I will be out of town today till 28th March.

Hugs, Wayne

Jennifer said...

Hi Kristina, Congratulations I think I am number 116. I would love to be able to win one of your lovely bears. I dont have a blog but will post on my facebook page if that is okay. thanks

ButtonBears&Raggedies said...

Hi Kristina. Just love your bears they are such cuties. I am now following.
Please enter me in your giveaway. I would love to own one of your tiny bears.

My Wee Life said...

Just came across your blog on a wet Sunday morning! Count me in please and I have put a link on my blog about your giveaway and lovely blog :)

Marlene said...

just found your wonderful blog, please entre me into your giveaway, I would love to own one of your bears.

Peggy said...

Gosh...they're so adorable those bears, I just have to take a chance. Please enter me in your give-away. I'll post your link on the sidebar of my blog. Keeping my fingers crossed here!

Anonymous said...

Kristina, Love your elephant on the web show. I wish it was mine. Love your animals! And i love the gray giveaway elephant too..They are ALL adorable:-) Count me in!! Hugs Jamie:-)

Drora's minimundo said...

i am glad I found your blog and would love to participate in your giveaway and have a chance to own one of your cute little bears. Who would not? Please count me in.

Jollie said...

Congratulations on your 100 followers!!
Your bears are sooo sweet!!
I would love to join this opportunity to win one of them :)

I have put a link in my blog menu for you (sorted by date)

Hugs Jollie

Evgenia Aksenova said...

Kristina!!! Hello from Russia! I have joined as a follower and added your giveaway on my blog page, you can find a picture of Marigold and link to your site in my blog
Marigold would be my choice!!!
Thank you for the shance to win!!!

Galina Mineeva said...

Hi Kristina!!!Congratulations on 100 followers!!
Your bears are so beautiful!!
I would like to join this opportunity to win one of them :)))
I put a link in my blog

woollybuttbears said...

Hi, I'm very new! I just stumbled onto your blog from somewhere else and please count me in! I will post a giveaway link in my side bar! Lovely lovely bears!

Bear hugs, Di

Andrea said...

Love Marigold and Ben. Such cute bears! Thanks for the opportunity :)

Жанна said...

All work is very pretty! But I want this little yellow wonder!

MozAnna said...

It's a wonderful present! Link is on the right bar

Klik said...

So pretty bear! Count me in, please :)
Link is on left side bar here

Ася said...

they are all so beautiful!
Link is on right side bar here

kola1311 said...

привет! Поздравляю... твой блог пользуется популярность и поэтому число ПЧ растет... Ура! Как выдрать одного суперского зверька из 3... это просто невозможно... Они такие классные!!!!!! Буду держать кулачки!!!!

Pupasena said...

Oh, how cute toys!! Just give a damn about anyone of them as a gift)))) If you can send a parcel to Ukraine, happy to take part in the raffle!
And I will be happy to read your blog!
Link on the right side

I apologize for my English, it's all google-translator )))))

malu2 said...

Que preciosos!!!!!,me gustaría participar en tu sorteo,felicidades por tus 100 seguidores.Besos.

Катерина said...

Очень красивые работы!
мой выбор "Marigold", цвет мне более приятен.

TINK-SONIA said...

Lovely giveaway,so adorable bears!! I would love to participate and I invited you to participate in my plants giveaway too,sweets regards.

Катерина said...

Tricotine said...

Marigold is really cute. It will be my choice if I win.
And I put a link on my blog.
Je vous souhaite une très belle journée.

Katakliptiko said...

Hi,Kristina!!Please count me in,I am a follower and I place your giveaway on my blog!!!
Marigold would be my choice))))

aroa said...

son adorables, una verdadera obra de arte. felicidades y gracias por este sorteo

Rosella said...

Thanks for this lovely giveaway! I become a follower of your and I put the photo of Ben and the link on my blog.
Thanks and greetings

SweetCandyDreams said...

Iadd U to watchlist and put info about Candy on my blog. I love your bears, they are perfect and only to hug, hug and hug :)

miniaturenland said...

Wow, what a beautifull bears and olifants?, I start with bears and I like it to do, but my bears are not so nice as yours.
Ingeborg Hungary

M.Narbon said...

Please count me in!!
I'm in love with Marigold :o)

Letalochka said...

Чудесные зверята! Даже и не знаешь кого бы выбрать. Пусть будет Marigold :)
Ссылка слева

Meine Kleinigkeiten said...

Congratulations to the first 100, Kristina! Your bears are soo beautiful! I added your Giveaway on my blog! Petra

sorty0 said...

Preciosos ¡¡¡¡¡ tu blog es fantastico, enhorabuena por tus trabajos. Un beso. Araceli

Never Enough Time said...

Please count me in the giveaway. Ooooh, I hope I win!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i love bears and your are adorable! thanks for the chance to win!

Татьяна said...

Hi, I'm Kristina from Russia, has become your follower. Very nice of you to bear. I also do the bears. Their bears, I'm knitting crochet yarn. I will pray to God that he sent me a bear named "Marigold". Link to your blog.

sandra said...

Hi Kristina!

Your animals are so wonderful.
It`s a lovely giveaway.
Please count me in.
I have put the picture and a link on the right side of my blog.


Kimmi Lou Miniatures said...

So cute! Happy early birthday! Please count me in! Blessings, Kim

1717 said...

Hi Kristina :o)
Congratulations 100 Followers!
Marigold would be my choice:O)

Kleine Vingers said...

I love your blog and would like to be included in the give away. I am new to the blog world so do not know how to place a link om my blog sorry;-(

Patty said...

I would love to participate in your giveaway! I thought I had signed up already!! Thanks for the reminder!

FenBeary Folk said...

How wonderful a giveaway, count me in xxx