Friday, February 4, 2011

New Carpet!!
Fresh Paint!
Here are some photos of the recent updates in my room. The new carpet is in...the guys were great and did a nice job..the only thing I have to do is touch up where the base boards used to be.

Carpet Inspector!!!

Computer desk painted,  it still needs to be sanded down but it's back in the room!!

New Curtains!
Two shades of purple sheers and some cream lace!

Well that's all the pics I have for now!

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The Bear's Blog said...

IT'S BEAUTIFUL. As I would say when I was little "b-uuuuuuu-t-ful. (-:

Ah, the inspector - now you have the "paw of approval". But....aren't there 2 inspectors?

The room is really beautiful. You aren't going to want to come leave.


KRISTINA said...

Thanks Joyce!! I'm really liking it! I just placed some of my treasures and they just stand out! This weekend I'm going to work on the two display cases!!!
Yes..Julie put her PAW pf Approval on it already..hahaha....

The Bear's Blog said...

What did I say, "you aren't going to want to come leave"? How stupid was that???Hahahahahaha - my brain must have been out to lunch. Giggle.

What I wanted to say is "you aren't going to want to leave". Whew....

A picture of Julie on the new carpet would be nice. Hint?