Monday, March 28, 2011

A Great Day!!

Mom and I had one of those great Sundays where all we did was play and create minis!!
We tried new how-tos and made goodies for my new display!!
R U ready!!!
Here It IS!!
~~~Witch's Hutch~~~

Everything has pretty much been hand made!! The 2 glass jars were bought but we added the stuff inside!! The container holding the mushrooms wasn't made by us either..not sure where we got it!
Mom made the jar of earth worms...which are disgustingly fantastic!!! She also made the poisonous mushrooms!!!
I can't tell you how MUCH fun I had putting this together!!
I hope it brings a smile to your face as it does mine EVERY time I look at it!!!
Here's a picture of one of Mom's experiments gone wrong...hahaha

I called it a witch's uh-oh!!!
A little melt down so Mom added eyes and a tuft of hair!!!
We had so much fun!!
When I was lost in blog land the other day I came across a blog that showed how to take apart those cheap wood furniture pieces you can get at Michael's or the dollar store!!
You NUKE' it!!!
Stick them in the microwave for a few seconds(took us 30 secs) and the pieces just pull apart!!!
OMG toooooo easy!!!
So Mom cooked her furniture yesterday!!
Of course that opens the door to redoing furniture to our liking!!!
The wheels of imagination are turning!!!
Happy Monday!
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The Bear's Blog said...

Love the hutch. And thank you for the tip on taking furniture apart.


Tine said... looks perfect!!!
Love the glass with the eyes ;O)))

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Joyce!! It is the coolest thing you have got to try it!!

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Tine!!! It was soooo much fun!!

Patty said...

What an incredible hutch! I love all of the things you managed to squeeze on the shelves!! You must be having such a wonderful time making these!!

Halinka said...

Wow!What hutch!And 'the furniture in a microwave' to make them 'look older' -hahaha-good idea!I love the box with the 'poison' signature best:-))
I will tell You something in a secret just between us:I feel so much fun and happiness in Your every word You write,in each 'action' You take and in all Your works.
Hugs and Kisses-Halinka-

Katy Cameron said...

Oh that is fab, love it!

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Patty!! I am having loads of fun...the wheels in my head keep you hear the squeaking! HAHAHA

KRISTINA said...

You are very sweet Halinka!!! The microwave doesn't make them older you can just take them apart..I guess it melts the glue. I LOVE the poison box to!!!!! I think I will make some extras and sell them!!

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Katy!!!