Saturday, May 28, 2011

Minis from Mom

Here are a few pics of some of the minis Mom made!!
They will be for sale on Etsy sooooon!!!

Today I dragged my tired butt(once again to much dancing) to the store to buy a dress for the wedding...I am sooo happy Melanie was able to come with me and help me pick something! Sometimes it's just easier to have that person there to say...NO...YES!!!!
So I found two dresses that I liked...the prices were right so I bought both of them!

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1717 said...

Kristina, it's wonderful work!!!!
I love it!!

malu2 said...

Felicidades!!!!! es todo precioso.Besos.

Katy Cameron said...

Fun wee minis.

Glad you were able to find dresses you liked, I know what you mean about the 'yes/no' person, makes things much quicker! Plus of course they also seem to find perfect things that you never even noticed :o)

KRISTINA said...

Thanks Magada!!Mom does make some beautiful floral arrangements!!

KRISTINA said...

Thank you Malu2!!!

KRISTINA said...

Yup! She actually took me in a store that I never find anything dresses came from there! It was great didn't have to drive all over the city. Got to sit and enjoy lunch!!

maddyrose said...

Kristina your mom is so talented. I'm impressed with the attention to detail in these pieces, not just the craftmanship but the design as well. I used to make and collect minitures and am tempted to start collecting again after seeing these.

Melanie Clark said...

Yay for dresses. Glad I could help and hope you have a good time at the wedding.