Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My DOG!!

We have a mouse somewhere and she has picked up the scent!!!
Yes that is her
such a lady!!!

Such a fungus girl!!!

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The Bear's Blog said...

"Here mousey, mousey, I just want to make friends with you." Giggle

If I didn't hear with my own ears I never would believe that Julie snorts like a piggy.

She can't dig her way out of her yard, can she?

KRISTINA said...

Yes snorts! I have never heard her do that before...that mouse must smell goooooood!!!! LOL

No she can't get out...she may dig to China though if given the chance!

maddyrose said...

Hi Kristina, my name is Maddyrose and this is my first visit to your site but promise it won't be my last. I love the little count down to Christmas button and am wondering where you got it. I'd love to add one to my blog.

KRISTINA said...

Welcome Maddyrose!!! You know I can't remember where it came from...if you click on it will it bring you to it's original site?