Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It Has Begun

We have had our first snow fall!
Being a new driver I have to admit freaks me out a little!!!

Mom has started bringing out the Christmas decorations and it's starting to get that warm fuzzy feeling!
I need to start doing some Christmas shopping to!!
Time for a shopping day Melanie!!!
Happy Wednesday!!!

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Katy Cameron said...

LOL, I learned to drive in Saskatchewan in the snow, I guess that's why it doesn't really phase me! Sure you'll get used to it in no time :o)

Kays Kids said...

I have never driven in snow, I expect it is very slippery.
Take acre and keep safe.

Melanie Clark said...

Yay for shopping! lol. The highway was sooooo stressful this morning. Blah!

The Bear's Blog said...

Oh boy, I wish I lived in Canada! You will get use to driving in the bad weather, it just takes a little practice. Just be careful of the black ice. Now that is scary!!!!