Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Birthday

Come and gone....and I'm 29!!
And STILL holding!!
Had a great day yesterday celebrated with co-workers my mom sent me flowers and my boyfriend took me out for dinner! It was really nice. Took friday off from work and will spend it with mom. She is making me dinner..woohoo!!!

I'm not sure if I shared with you all that I am working at a Vet clinic. I am still with the governement on a casual basis but I got a part time job at a vet clinic. I didn't mention anything earlier cause I am still testing the waters but so far it's been really fun and the people there are super friendly. I'm very happy and working with all those animals has been great! I started to bring my camera to work so I can share some pics of the sweet hearts that come in.
I fell in love with this sweet girl...a six month old blood hound...I tried to take her home but for some reason they wouldn't let me!!!

This was another sweetie! She is a beagle crossed with can't remember what now!
But she sure had the beagle howl!!!!
She looks bigger in the picture then she actually was.

And on some bear news...I do have a few on the go and will hopefully have up for sale soon!
And for that to happen I must get off the

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Kays Kids said...

Happy birthday, and I love the picture of the hound.


Happy Birthday Kristina!! I'm with you on the 29 and holding, LOL!!


KRISTINA said...

Kay she was the sweetest thing. She just melted my heart!

KRISTINA said...

29 it's a good age isn't it!? I wonder how long I have been 29? hahaha but who's counting!!