Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Handfull of Pure Sweetness

I sometimes sit and think why does it seem that when a person is already down...they keep getting knocked down? 
I try to stay positive but it sure can be difficult when you and your loved ones keep getting hit!
But I always remind myself that things can be sooo much worse and I am very lucky and grateful that my family, friends and myself are healthy!!!
Things are going to get better cause I WANT them to!!!!
Yesterday in my down mood came a ray of sunshine and sweetness!!!

A darling momma came in and she had been in labour for we got to help. She had two sweet babies and one more was still on the way.
It has been years since I held a new born kitty and it reminded me of the sweet things life can bring!!
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The Bear's Blog said...

What a precious reminder....

Ольга Запуняко said...

Ой какие славные малыши :-) . С пополнением Вас. Новая жизнь- это настоящее чудо. И котяткам чтобы встретились хорошие, добрые и любящие люди (хозяева).
Oh what pretty babies :-). On completion you. New Life is a miracle. And the kittens to meet good, kind and loving people (owners)

The House Of Genista said...

How wonderful! Hope Mum and babies are doing well,