Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Advise Needed

Okay so I have been thinking...very dangerous..I know!!!
We all know the cost of shipping is completely crazy...and I think Canada might be the worst!!
It costs me less to ship to Germany then in my own country!! Go Figure!!!
Anyway so my question is this...
If you are purchasing something from my store...what would you prefer in the shipping method???
Do you wish to get it as soon as possible...air mail with $100 insurance but no tracking number or slow boat which can take weeks but you have tracking and insurance and is usually cheaper then air mail???
I really want to know what would be the best!!
If you can share your thoughts with me that would be great!!
Happy Wednesday!!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

New Etsy Minis

Happy Monday!!!
Well I have spent loads of time taking pictures and adding minis!!!
So if you have a few minutes...I'd love to hear what you think!!!
Here are a few samples!!!


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Monday, September 17, 2012

A Fun Day!!

The Dollhouse Miniature show and sale has come and gone!
We had lots of fun...Melanie and my Aunt came and hung out with Mom and I!!! I think my Aunt has been bit my the mini bug... lol...
My Mom's gorgeous little house won "Best in Show"!!!
It is the sweetest house!!!
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures as I wasn't feeling good..I got myself a cold and a nice fever hit me while we were there..blah!!
But we still had fun!
The Doll and Bear show is almost here!!
Seprmber 30
@ the
Alberta Aviation Museum
11410-Kingsway Ave
10:00-4:00 pm
$5.00 admission
I hope you can stop by and say Hello!!!
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Monday, September 10, 2012

It Was Fun!!

Saturday was a blast..started the morning with a healthy McDonalds
And away we went...I didn't realize it but it was Melanie's first time going to the Gibbons town garage's huge!!
The weather was great and the people were all in good spirits...which is why I love to go!
Mom and Melanie found some treasures..I came home with a piece of a whopping 25 cents!! I see myself making an ellie with the fabric..:)
I didn't get my usual burnt firemens' burger the line up was way to long...afterall we had shopping to we ate a bucket full of mini dougnuts and chipstix (a fresh cut potatoe thats cut into chips and then deap fried on a stick then seasoned) Both very healthy..hahahaha
We walked till my feet and legs were gonna fall off...I guess I burned off those
Next Sunday is the Miniature Dollhouse Show and Sale!!!
We are bringing one of Mom's beautiful houses...I'm so excited to get to show it she will win Best in Show again!!!

Hope to see you there!!!
Sunday September 16
@ the Alberta Aviation Museum
11410 Kingsway Ave
10:00 to 4:00pm


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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The sounds of fall!
The distant noise of kids in the school playground..a major reminder that fall is on it's way.
The stores have started to bring out fall and Halloween stuff...I even saw Christmas stuff!!!
Crazy how time flies!!!
I can't wait to see the leaves changing and getting that little cold nose when outside...
Okay I don't want the summer to end just yet...
This coming weekend is the Gibbons town garage sale...Melanie , Mom and I are going to go and have some fun!!! We are supposed to have nice warm weather full of sunshine..let's hope the weather man gets it right!!!
Can't wait....I hope we find some goodies!!
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Can You Feel It?....

It's in the air......Fall!!!
I see leaves slowly changing color and the furnace kicked
It's been a rainy weekend so far..looks like the last long weekend of summer is being spent in-doors!
I have to admit...I am getting that warm and fuzzy feeling...
Warm fuzzy flannel jammies...and warm cups of hot chocolate!
Cravings for those warm you up meals..chilli and stews...not to mention yummy baking!!
I've been sewing sewing sewing!!!!
This month is full of busy weekends and I'm looking forward to all of them!
Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!!

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