Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Advise Needed

Okay so I have been thinking...very dangerous..I know!!!
We all know the cost of shipping is completely crazy...and I think Canada might be the worst!!
It costs me less to ship to Germany then in my own country!! Go Figure!!!
Anyway so my question is this...
If you are purchasing something from my store...what would you prefer in the shipping method???
Do you wish to get it as soon as possible...air mail with $100 insurance but no tracking number or slow boat which can take weeks but you have tracking and insurance and is usually cheaper then air mail???
I really want to know what would be the best!!
If you can share your thoughts with me that would be great!!
Happy Wednesday!!

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The Bear's Blog said...

Oh, I know about shipping. I just mailed a 2 lb package to Italy and it was $21.02 and that was the "slow mail".

I would much rather save money and just wait for a package to arrive, and it's insured. There, you have my vote.


KRISTINA said...

Thanks Joyce!!! That's my thoughts as well!!

Kays Kids said...

I have this problem in Australia as well.
I must say I will only send with insurance, and makes sure it gets there. Even if it does take longer.