Sunday, September 2, 2012

Can You Feel It?....

It's in the air......Fall!!!
I see leaves slowly changing color and the furnace kicked
It's been a rainy weekend so far..looks like the last long weekend of summer is being spent in-doors!
I have to admit...I am getting that warm and fuzzy feeling...
Warm fuzzy flannel jammies...and warm cups of hot chocolate!
Cravings for those warm you up meals..chilli and stews...not to mention yummy baking!!
I've been sewing sewing sewing!!!!
This month is full of busy weekends and I'm looking forward to all of them!
Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!!

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The Bear's Blog said...

New creations for the online show, so we can't take a peek?

Send some of your glorious weather here, please. It's in the 90's everyday. UGH.


KRISTINA said...

NO peeking lol..I wish I could share!!! Really? It hasn't started to cool down yet? Well I hope we still get some nice weather..I just got a new bicycle and would like to ride it more then once!! lol

Kays Kids said...

Kristina, the cool weather makes you want to put a pot of soup on, and keep your fingers busy with craft.
It is spring here so we are enjoying warmer days.