Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Little Christmas Show and Tell

I wanted to share some of the amazing goodies I received from Santa and his Wonderful elves!!!

This was an Amazing surprise. This is a Boyd's bear that came out in 2000. As soon as I saw it I fell in LOVE!!! When my mom went to go get it for me in was GONE!!! She tried everything to get it for me even called Toronto but sadly it wasn't meant to be. However she did get me a beautiful Boyd's bear water globe that lit up and played music!! I still have it and it's still stunning.
So fast forward to 2012 and me and my honey go to a friend's and what do I see...BELIEVE!!! I haven't seen it since in the store that of course I drooled over it and admired it.
So on Christmas Eve I open a gift from Colin and there IT IS!!! He tracked one down on line and with help from his sister elf ordered it for me!!!
I even looked on line and could never find it BUT...
ONLY 12 years later and it's MINE!!!!
There is something so magical about it...I can't really put it into words.
Did I mention his little candle lights up!!!
Love It..
A Schuco Wind Up Bear
Beautiful Mohair

Sweet Tiny Tin Dishes

Tiny handmade German Ornaments

Dolly #1

A Stack of Doll Clothes with Antique Purse

Dolly #2...LOL

Doll Case

A Shabby Chic Cabinet Mom made for me!!

I did a Christmas swap with Jeannette from
JRB Creations
She has the sweetest little bears and critters and I finally have one of my very own!!
Isaac is his name and I am completely in LOVE with him!!! I got some sweet miniatures and some wonderful mohair too!!!
Same time next year???????? ;o)

I made Mom and new critter this Christmas! A new design...
Mom got a Hippopotamus for Christmas!!!
(just like the
Her name is Gloria

So that's just some of the wonderful gifts I received!! I was spoiled!!!
So with the new year I designed a new bear pattern.I finished her today and I am happy how she turned out!! The outfit was also a Christmas present :O) 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!

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Wow Kristina! Such wonderful gifts!

I'm so glad you like the little bear! I love my little elephant so much!!! I can't stop picking him up and looking at him!
Same time next year, sounds good, LOL!

I love the new bear design too, she is a cutie, with or without a mouth ;o)

bear hugs,