Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holy Crap!!

Was it COLD!!!!
Some places it was -47 with the wind chill
I do sometimes wonder why I live here...
So this is how a lot of us looked like today!!!
I also woke up to a flat tire!!!
Apparently it had a screw in it but good news they fixed it free of charge
Today I had to brave the weather and do a few errands..other then get the tire fixed...I went and bought "Hotel Transylvania" we saw it in the theaters and thought it was cute...
Now I am working on my next critter and I hope to have him or her finished by tomorrow!!
Stay Warm!!

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Kays Kids said...

Dear Kristina, I sometimes do a complain about our heat. I will try not to from now on. You look absolutely frozen. I hope you have good heating in your home.
Keep warm. I'm sending warm hugs

Kristina said...

lol..don't worry I complain about the heat to...but man this is way to cold!! That's not me in the picture..that's from the movie A Christmas Story..lol..I'm keeping warm by staying inside as much as I can!!!

Gitti ~ BriPaBären said...

Oh je wir klagen schon bei -2 Grad,
Ich hoffe es wird bei euch bald etwas wärmer.
Liebe Grüße