Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Cold...A Cut...A Ellie

I have a wonderful bug that will not go away!! I have been up and down with it going 3 weeks..finally last Friday it reared its ugly head and hit me full force!!!
Now I can enjoy a round of antibiotics :D
As long as it doesn't turn into bronchitis I am happy...well as I can be with a cold!
Then last night I decided I had enough energy to do the dishes (dishwasher broken :(..) and I sliced open my finger from a broken glass!!!!
Yup it was a good one!!! I mean the cut not the
Now I am already feeling weak cause of the of course I see blood and there I go..light headed and queasy!!!
So Colin fixed me up and helped me to bed to lay down...What a whimp I
I can handle others wounds but not my own!!
I had wanted to finish my ellie last night but I didn't think red from my owie would go so well with the pure white ellie I was it hurt to much to move anyway!!
I was supposed to go out for dinner to celebrate a birthday but there was no way soooo
here I sit..hoping they bring home some leftovers for
I finished my critter and here she is..
She will be available for adoption on Etsy..
~Ellie Mae~

Happy Sunday

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Tatkis said...

Ellie is so sweet and adorable!
Get well soon and Happy Belated Birthday to you!


Cathyraggedy said...

She's so adorable elephant!!! i realy love her.hugs