Friday, March 22, 2013

March 21

So yesterday...March 21 was my birthday..
the BIG 40!!!
(but 29 in my head) lol
We had not so springy weather..actually it got so bad with snow and ice that the majority of the highways were shut down!!!
BUT we did still manage to go out for a nice dinner with some friends....
Sunday will be brunch with Melanie..(roads were to icky for her to make it..:(
My man surprised me a old hat suitcase!!
I had seen it just before Christmas and said that I would love that!
Later he told me he went to buy it and some old lady got there 20 mins before he did...
I thought for sure he was joking but alas Christmas came and no hat box...
Well...Guess who turned out to be the old lady!!!!??
Sneaky bugger!!!
 He bought it and had some friends keep it until my birthday!!!
 I just adore this man!!!

Saturday will be spent spending time with Mom...Looking forward to that! Very happy that the roads have cleared up and it's starting to melt!!!
Happy Friday!!!

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Kays Kids said...

Happy Birthday Kristina, Your hat box is wonderful. What a treasure.


Happy Birthday Kristina!!
Big hugs to you!

Kristina said...

Thank You Kay!!!!

Kristina said...

Thanks Jeanette!!!!!