Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One Of THOSE Days

You know the one I talking about... the one where you should have stayed in bed!!
So the day hasn't started the way I hoped
Wanted to try to sleep in
 But with the man getting up for work...
the magpie screeching outside..
the dog passing gas (nasty)..
and the phone ringing..
it just was not meant to be!!
I'm on my 4th cup of coffee and still feel exactly the same as if I had none...
I guess one more cup is needed!!
I debated on if I should venture outside but I think it's probably the safest to stay inside!
Lord knows what I might get into in my sleepy daze..
wonder if I should attempt working on some bears...hmmmm..
don't want to joint an arm backwards or sew the head gusset upside
I think it's sad to say but I maybe getting another cold!!
Might be why I feel so drained.
Enough whining for now...I will go pour another cup of coffee and see where the day takes me!!
Happy Wednesday!!
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1 comment:

mcddiss said...

te entiendo perferctamente, con este tiempo tan malo ,cuesta mucho levantarse y dejar el calorcito de las sabanas , espero que consigueses hacer algunas cosas