Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm Having TWINS!!!'s a surprise...but I'm very excited!!
That's my kind a twins!!!
Sorry for the crappy pictures they were taken with my cell phone.
I will be getting them Sunday so as soon as I can I will share better ones!!
So we think they are boy and a girl..
possibly girl and girl...
we are trying out some names
If you think of any awesome names
I would love to hear your ideas!!
so far we thought of (and of course this is for the boy/girl)
Bonnie and Clyde
Benny and June
Casey and Finnegan
I just have to say...
They are so FLUFFY!!!!
I think they maybe ragdolls but not 100% sure...doesn't matter
they are sooo sweet!!
It was Beau Beau's birthday last Thursday..
Yes that's him wearing a pink flower...he LIKES it!!!
I wonder if he will like his presents...


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Kays Kids said...

The kittens are so sweet. I do hope your dog approves.

Fabiola said...

The kittens are adorable and your dog is so cute with the rose.
Greetings, Faby