Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Not Doing Well

Well my sweet kitty "James" aka Fatcat
has cancer in his mouth..
Things have been very difficult for my mom and I..not to mention my baby boy!
It is an emotional rollercoaster ride and for those of you who have pets know how hard it is.
We are doing what we can and my mother is doing a fantastic job...YES you are!!!
But it's very difficult knowing and doing the right thing!
For now we are keeping him comfy and in our prayers..
I wasn't going to post about this at first cause it's so upsetting but I have shared pictures and stories about him in the past and I'm not going to stop now!
He is my angel baby!
And the sweetest cat on the planet!!

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Fabiola said...

I'm sorry for this bad news. It's a difficult time when our pets get sik. I remember my cat, Luna.
A big hug to you and your cat.

Joyce Mayer said...

Oh Kristina, my heart is breaking for you and your Mom.

We truly understand what you are going through. Just remember - The Rainbow Bridge. James will be waiting for you when you cross over.


Big kisses for James

Drora's minimundo said...

These are very sad news. I am sorry for you and your mother to have to go through this. I know how difficult this time is.
Hugs, Drora