Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Feeling A Lot Like Fall....

It's in the air...
Thanksgiving is not far away and then Christmas is just around the corner..wow...
I'm not ready!!!!
I saw my first Halloween commercial! Before you know it it will be Christmas commercials..which of course I also LOVE! lol
I actually really love this time of year..they start playing all the scary movies for Halloween..all the bags of candy are in the store..wait that's not a good thing :P
well as long as it stays in the store!!!
However a big box of tiny bags of Doritos found their way into the house...:)
Sunday Mom and I went to the Mini Dollhouse show and sale
we met up with Melanie there and we had lots of fun. Spent money we didn't have but we needed everything we got!!
Got some goodies for Mom for Christmas.
Melanie and I were talking about how much fun it be to go to the huge Miniature shows
It's the same with these giant Teddy bear shows..
One year we will plan a trip..but a plane ticket and bring an empty suitcase!!!
Since Mom and I didn't do the show this year she wasn't able to showcase one of her sweet houses soooo I went ahead and took some pictures..
Hopefully you all enjoy it
This is her Christmas Cottage.

I have NO doubt she would have won People's Choice again for this house...it's even prettier in real life!
Please feel free to leave comments for Mom (Brigitte) as she reads my blog all the time!!!
P.S. Wait till you see her Christmas Mansion she has done!!!

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Fabiola said...

I love Christmas and this cottage is perfect.
Bye, Faby

My Wee Life said...

Your Christmas cottage is delightful :)

Diane said...

Wonderful! I especially like the fireplace scene. Thanks for sharing!

Kays Kids said...

I want to be a kid again and play dolls houses.

Yolanda MorĂ¡n said...

La casa es una preciosidad, un trabajo encantador.
Un abrazo.