Monday, March 10, 2014


He is settling in nicely.. we are slowly getting okay with the kennel...after a little bit of howling and whining and some
The cats have ventured upstairs again...checking him out slowly and cautiously! But I'm happy they are all adjusting to one another
Now if only we can get the peeing and pooping outdoors only!!
Actually he is doing really good minus a few accidents here and there. Or if we forget how long it's been since he went last time!
He says my bladder is only so big and can't control it yet!!

He is a real sweetheart!!!
In other news the Elizabeth Antique show and sale is this coming Friday and for those of you who are close by I hope to see you and hope you stop by and say hello!!!

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Kays Kids said...

Boomer is a heart tugger. I love him so much. He is only little yet to be toilet trained.
It will happen.
Hugs Kay

Antonella said...

Lovely! <3