Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fast Approaching

The Elizabeth Antique show and sale is coming soon and I have been busy sewing my fingers off...actually a couple times a sewed my finger on!! LOL
I have 4 critter waiting to be born! I was good and managed to sew together 2 of them and hopefully I can work and maybe finish them to day...hmmm not sure if that will happen!
I woke up this morning and it is soooooo nice to have light out!! You get tired of the winter darkness!!
It's a good sign that Spring just might be on the way!!
So tomorrow is a big day for us!!
We get to pick up our new baby boy..
It's gonna be interesting...
and please Lord keep me the patience I am SO going to need!!!
I have better pics but I can't open my email to get them...grrr


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