Saturday, March 22, 2014

Feel Like Hibernating

Seems like winter just won't go away...I'm getting sooo tired of the cold and snow!!
But it has started to melt and of course we got another cold
the weather here is cwazieee!!

Does make for pretty decorations though..;)
So the Elizabeth Antique show was a blast and I did very well!! I was pleasantly surprised!!
I sold 3 bears in the first hour and a half!! lol
It was great!! Saw lots of familiar faces from our teddy bear show and we met and made some new friends!!
Unfortunately there was talk of this being the last show...I have my fingers crossed that it won't be cause we would definitely do it again!!
My mom bought me a few goodies for my birthday
A very pretty purple decanter from Italy
And also this sweet dog that's a pin cushion and his little tail pulls out that's a tape measurer!
She bought me one at Christmas time and I just fell in love with it sooo when I saw this one I had to have it!
Birthday Prezzie
 Christmas prezzie
And what's really cool is that she has a cat!!!
So mom put her name down for it and we will buy it at the Wildrose Antique show and sale this April!!
I now have a new collection started!!lol
That's all that's new here other then working, enjoying our puppy...and wishing for Spring!!
Some minis have been made but I will post pics tomorrow!!
YOU should see what my Mom has made!!!

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1 comment:

Kays Kids said...

You must have had a wonderful time.I'm so pleased you sold well.
Mums are very special. I love the purple bottle and the pin cushion doggy is so cute.
Hugs kay