Sunday, April 27, 2014

Normal Again

Okay well as normal as I'll ever
Feeling much better...still have a lil cough but not as bad as it was.
We did some major cleaning here. You can call it Spring cleaning but it needed doing badly!! Cleaned out an entire room in the basement so I can now store all of my fabrics.
Can't wait to get in there and organize it all.
I hate it when I forget what kind of pretty fabrics I have...Cause sometimes that's ALL the inspiration you need!!
So I have finished up a new bear. Poor thing has been waiting since before the show we did
but he is here and I love him :O)
This is

Yes I even made the lil jacket he is wearing! Too cute!!
Well back to my cleaning...I leave you with...
Not the greatest picture but still priceless!!
Looks like he's smoking a stogie!!!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Happy Belated Easter!!!
I hope everyone had a lovely holiday with lots of good eats!!! :O)
I was still sick and AM still sick!
I thought maybe I was getting better but NOPE!! Apparently not yet!
Mom and I went to the Wildrose antique show and had a blast! Didn't spend to much money only got a few things...anything I really wanted was waaayyyy out of my price range!! Ahhhhh someday and of course I will have the beautiful old house to fill with all those wonderful antiques!!
Here's to dreaming!!!
That's all that's new here...woke up to the wonderful sound of rain....much needed beautiful...clean...NOT snow...RAIN!!!
Hopefully Spring has sprung!!
I have a couple of tulips that have popped up saying so!!!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

What day is it??

I am having a tough time knowing what day it is....let alone the date!
This is really weird working these early mornings.
Don't get me wrong I'm enjoying it and I'm getting better and faster...I hope!
And I'm already half way there to my first raise! Saweeet!!
Cause I need it!
I hope I will be getting more hours...
I was only working 5 hour shifts cause of my back and legs..but that seems to be getting better with the meds and plus OH !! I forgot to share this..we got a HOT TUB!!
YEP!! It's's not a big one..
Made JUST for two!!
I come home and relax and let those jets do their magic!!
It's pretty cool at night has these pretty lights that change color...;)
That's about it here...working on a new teddy...slowly..
in between my spring cleaning
I leave you with a couple of pics of my sweeties!!


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Sunday, April 6, 2014

I Think I See Spring

Then again...I might just have something in my eye...
We had some snow they other day, then it tried to rain and now it's sunny...hmmm..
can't make up its  mind...Wish mother nature would just stop and say Spring!!!
So today we have had our Boomer for 1 Month!!
Feels a lot loooonnngggeerrr!!!
He is growing like a weed...which is ok cause those puppy teeth are nasty!! :)
Plus I need to bottle that energy and take some on a regular basis!!

But he is a real cutie!!
Other then that it's been pretty quiet here....some changes are coming but not sure how they will all pan out so I will keep my mouth shut for now...
After tonight I have a couple of days off so I hope I can do some sewing maybe a few minis too!
We do want to go see the new Captain America movie....can't say no to movie theatre popcorn!!
For now!

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