Sunday, April 6, 2014

I Think I See Spring

Then again...I might just have something in my eye...
We had some snow they other day, then it tried to rain and now it's sunny...hmmm..
can't make up its  mind...Wish mother nature would just stop and say Spring!!!
So today we have had our Boomer for 1 Month!!
Feels a lot loooonnngggeerrr!!!
He is growing like a weed...which is ok cause those puppy teeth are nasty!! :)
Plus I need to bottle that energy and take some on a regular basis!!

But he is a real cutie!!
Other then that it's been pretty quiet here....some changes are coming but not sure how they will all pan out so I will keep my mouth shut for now...
After tonight I have a couple of days off so I hope I can do some sewing maybe a few minis too!
We do want to go see the new Captain America movie....can't say no to movie theatre popcorn!!
For now!

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Kays Kids said...

Kristena sometimes we forget how much work puppies are.
He is very cute and I'm sure those eyes would melt your heart.
Hugs Kay

Hannah said...

He is very cute! He looks like my dad's dog, especially with the nose covered in snow like that =)