Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Fun Day..A Long Post

Well our Saturday garage saleing was awesome... Melanie and I both got some pretty cool stuff. It is amazing the things you can come across and it was like it was meant to be!! First house we hit Melanie loaded up and some really cool Halloween stuff...and for those who know Melanie know that's an awesome find!!! So we drove along the rest of the day with a creepy skeleton riding in the back seat looking out the window hahahaha
We got some other cool things found 2 jars of the beads I use to make some of my minis...this vintage green feather hat that I have no idea what I'm going to do with but for 50 cents I wasn't leaving it's in amazing condition...maybe I can find a hat rack for it.
Then the big find for me was this..
A bridal hair piece

 For those who read my blog know I'm getting married in January.
So I tried it on and it fit wonderfully and it's so pretty and it will go with my dress beautifully I think. Melanie was there to give her opinion...thank god cause I suck at visualizing stuff..
It was handmade for another bride and originally cost $175.00
and I've been looking at some of these on line and they due range from least the really nice ones :O)
soooo I bought it!!!
And if I decide not to wear it well I can wear it while I vacuum or do the
The pictures don't show how pretty it really is but I'm happy that I bought it!
Thanks Melanie for the push!! :)
Now as promised I took some better pics of Mom's incredible works of art..cause really that's what they are...
Beautiful Christmas Tree

Mom handmade pretty much everything on this tree...the tiny candles, the tiny white cones of flowers, the little white fans..etc..the packages as well plus the tree...It is one of the most stunning trees she has every made...that's of course my opinion
German Deli Cart

Another master piece!! She even made this cart!! I'm still in awe of her talent! Ok soo I maybe be gloating a little but how can I not! lol
All the detail in this all the different foods and cheeses and breads pretzels sausages decorations..the advertising on the cart! I love every little bit of this piece!
Not to mention the cat who's eyeballing the sausage hahaha...bad kitty!!
Both of these will be available in out Etsy store...just as soon as I get a chance to list them.
Happy Sunday!!

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

First Of The Year

Melanie and I are hitting the pavement to look for all that extra stuff we didn't know we
So Much Fun!!!
Hopefully we find some hidden treasures..
Usually anything I buy is always bear or mini related..
but when you can get fabrics for a $1 or how can you go wrong!
Cause you know I need more fabric.:O)
Yes Yes I do!!
Sometimes I never have what I'm looking for...even when I don't know what I'm looking for!
I know you all understand this...
Time to sit for awhile and enjoy my coffee!
Happy Saturday!!
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Some Pretty Minis

Isn't my Mom amazing?!?!!!
I think so!!
I have a couple of spectacular minis to show but I need to redo the pics to try and capture their true beauty!!
I also have a couple of new critters on the go..hopefully I can get some creating time squeezed in here somewhere.
I think summer is slowly coming and I intend on enjoying it this year...
I missed it last year!!
Not sure what happened!!

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Sunday, May 11, 2014



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Thursday, May 8, 2014

I Think

It's FINALLY arrived!!
I can see the sweet signs...tulips popping out and tiny lil green buds on the trees..the smell in the air of people mowing their lawns..and of course the BIGGEST signs of them all...
Of course I was working and couldn't get to these ones but I will on the next ones!!
I have my list of Have TO finds and of course looking for the Didn't Know I Needed
Good thing we cleaned out the basement..:O)
My poor baby Boomer has can I say delicately...upset bowels :/ for over 3 weeks now..
It seemed to start when he got his last vaccinations at least that's when we noticed it.
So we had him in and he went on antibiotics...probiotics and special food...thought we saw signs of it getting better but no...right back to where it was. So I had the lovely pleasure of bringing the vet a poop sample.....highlight of my morning!!
 Nothing like a fresh cup of coffee and a fresh scoop of poop...:P
and today we brought him in to get blood work and an x-ray done.
Happy to say nothing shows on the x-ray sooo he didn't eat something and now it won't come that's awesome news! Now we sit and wait for the poop and blood to come back.
Good thing is he isn't showing any signs of pain or discomfort...nope still crazy energetic..eating and drinking and causing all kinds of he's supposed to!!
Hopefully it's just a sensitive tummy and we need to find the best food for him...kinda like me!!
And I've been working in my shop creating some mini tin canisters and I spruced up a couple of my bears and placed them on Ebay! They both needed outfits...what can I say...I like dressing them! lol  Happy to say my last 2 bears sold on Ebay!!

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