Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cold Days Ahead

I think it's official the cold weather as begun and very unlikely to go
The colors of fall are all around and the crispness is in the air!
Which reminds me I need to buy a new winter coat!!
So the doll and bear show we did...was for a lack of a better word crap!!
Don't get me wrong I love doing it and I always get some nice doll clothes and I'm always in good company...but the show is dead!!!
I'm not sure if any of the club members read this post and if they do this can't be a shock to them.
For the past few years the show has been dying!
The date on which it's held on is now a popular weekend. The city offers a free day that all attractions are free for families...which is really cool but not on that particular day! lol
And trust me I don't think the city will move their date to accommodate us...highly unlikely! LOL
And to top it off that same weekend also has Comic Con!!
We still have our die hard people who are there every year but it's just not enough.
They need to change the date and change some of the policies and get the show back to what it once was!!
I really hope they take what I suggested into consideration. I know I'm not the only one.
If it's on the same date next year I will not participate. I will go and long as I know the vendors I buy from will be there...which is also a possibility they won't be.
Keeping my fingers crossed!!
Other then that I got some great little clothes and some sewing supplies.
I made and brought a whole bunch of my mini tins and canisters and came home with only 4...lolol..
That was awesome! One lady pretty much bought all of them!! I love that!! She was so excited which of course tickled me pink!!
So now I'm in my studio full of inspiration!!
Creating new critters and working on some minis as well!
Happy Day To All!!


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