Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Winter Has Arrived

Well it snowed and I think it's here to stay!!
Today I put up my tree..well most of it. It has lights and tinsel...that only took me 3 hours to do
I'm getting slow in my old age!!
The test now is too see if  Boomer will decide to eat it!! After all he eats everything else that's not tied down!!! Actually he will eat that to...hahaha
So far so good! All he has done is sniff and stare at it. It's the cats that were going crazy!! Caught Sophie wrapped in some of the tinsel she pulled down BAD kitty!!
It's a good thing they are all cute!!!
They were super good last year so fingers crossed they will be again. And hopefully the dog doesn't chase the cats up or around the tree! I have of course reinforced the tree with some fish line...
lesson learned many years ago when some other pets chased each other and knocked the entire tree down!! We can laugh now but it was something right out of a Christmas movie...and it all seemed to happen in slow motion! lol
Things have been moving along here...haven't done to much creating....busy getting the wedding stuff organized. Had my 1st wedding dress fitting for alterations!
It was so nice to wear it again....
Got to stand on the podium and do my little
Mom came with me and it was just PERFECT!!
So I haven't been completely slacking off..I'm working on a few mini orders and
I did finish a new bear.
I had been wanting to try to make a bear from blue jeans and sooo I did!
Here she is..

I'm really happy how she turned out. Will definitely do that again!!
Happy Wednesday!

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ISABELLE said...

Quelle bonne idée de travailler le jean. Vos créations sont toujours aussi remarquables,les regards et les attitudes sont désarmants!!


I LOVE this bear, she is wonderful! Great job!


Kristina said...

Thank You Isabelle!!! :O)

Kristina said...

Thanks Jeannette! I will be making more I think!! :O)