Saturday, December 27, 2014


Is fast approaching!!
I can't believe January is just around the corner.
I can't believe that in a matter of weeks I will be a married woman!!
All the arrangements for our wedding is done...everything else will be handle at the resort
I DO....hahahaha
Believe we are ready
Christmas was good but quiet this year. I unfortunately had to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
We got together with Mom on the 22nd and had a great time. Stuffed our face and exchanged prezzies
Mom bought me some beautiful doll clothes and some antique sewing kits! A beautiful quilt that is perfect in my sewing room.
Haven't done to much creating...slowly working on a new dog...very slowly...
So much else going on
I did make a wreath for my room. It's not finished yet..I'm waiting for the perfect embellishments for it....
It's not quite that bright of a pink. It's a much softer pink.
It was fun making it. There were feathers every where which of course the kitties were
And here's my Lilly girl taking a moment to look cute and pretty!!

Well I'm off to drink some coffee and eat some yummy monkey bread my mom made us :)
maybe a few oreo truffles too!!

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mcddiss said...

el tiempo pasa muy deprisa , esa corona es muy bonita y los gatos guapisimos



Hannah said...

Good luck with the wedding! and happy new year!

Kristina said...

Thank you Mari!! It certainly does!!! Happy New Year to you!!

Kristina said...

Thanks Hannah!!! Happy New Year to you to!