Thursday, January 22, 2015


We have returned and we had the MOST fantastic time!!!
Gorgeous weather....fabulous resort....delicious foods...yummy drinks...
And most important amazing friends and family!!!
We are still unwinding and feeling really tired but I couldn't resist sharing some photos with you!
These are the professional ones....except the last 2 pics I took :)
I will have more pictures later once I get everyone's memory cards :O)
So for now I will share some of my favorites....and there are a few..LOL



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Isabelle said...

Absolutely beautiful! What a perfect day for such a gorgeous bride and groom! Congratulations.

Kristina said...

Thank You Isabelle!!!

Hannah said...

Congratulations! You look beautiful! Hope you are as happy as it looks =) Best wishes for the future!

Kristina said...

Thank you Hannah!
Yes I am...actually happier lol!
It was wonderful and I'm still on cloud 9 :)