Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sweet Arthur

My New Bear.....Arthur
He just melts my heart

I hope he brings a SMILE to your Face!!!!

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

At Home Sick

Wanted to share my new elephant...
She is a larger size...6 1/2" tall
She is as sweet as can be.

I am currently working on a bigger bear..
I was hoping to be done by now but I have been hit with a really nasty cold..which I caught from my husband :O)
Thanks Honey!! LOL
Went to the doctor last night and got some medication to help me through it. It is so icky..I think I coughed up a lung last night!!! My throat is so raw and soar from coughing! 
This just SUCKS!!
I am going to try to sleep a little as I was up all night...
Oh well...
I hope my ellie brought a smile to your face!!
Have a great day!!

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Perfect Day

What a beautiful day today!!
The sun is out and shining and drying up the last bit of snow...well at least in my yard!
It's warm enough for shorts and bike riding.
I wish I could enjoy a bike ride but I've hurt my back...again!!
Darn sciatic  nerve!!!
I was able to go for a nice walk yesterday as it was doing much better..however I messed it up again by lifting the BBQ...dumb!!!lol
Today we did some cleaning around the house..inside and out! Then decide to go see a movie...which my poor back did not enjoy!! :O(
Did some shopping and came home and baked a quick lil blueberry dessert to go with a BBQ dinner! First one of the year! Looking forward to that!
I traced and cut out a new elephant..going to make a bigger one this time...
I finished a little ellie yesterday and she is just well
She is a hand dyed soft yellow and sweet as can be!!
I was trying to think of a name for her and so far I came up with 
"Lemon Drop"

Happy Saturday!!

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