Thursday, April 14, 2016

At Home Sick

Wanted to share my new elephant...
She is a larger size...6 1/2" tall
She is as sweet as can be.

I am currently working on a bigger bear..
I was hoping to be done by now but I have been hit with a really nasty cold..which I caught from my husband :O)
Thanks Honey!! LOL
Went to the doctor last night and got some medication to help me through it. It is so icky..I think I coughed up a lung last night!!! My throat is so raw and soar from coughing! 
This just SUCKS!!
I am going to try to sleep a little as I was up all night...
Oh well...
I hope my ellie brought a smile to your face!!
Have a great day!!

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Joyce Mayer said...

Poor baby....tea and honey for that sore throat, if you can gargle with warm salt water, that really helps (it makes me gag).

Tell hubby flowers would make you feel better, after all - why are you so sick? Hmm, Mr. Hubby?


Kristina said...

Hahahaha makes me gag to!!!!
Flowers would be nice!!!! I'd settle for some really good cough syrup��