Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kitties and Bears

So I haven't posted in awhile...been out playing in the sunshine :O)
Took a little break.
I wanted to share some pics with you.
First is a picture of the Kitty I made my Mom for Mother's Day..I had forgotten to take a picture earlier so I had to borrow him for a few days...:O)

Here is a picture of the bear I just finished...Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest but I got a new camera and I'm still learning how to use

I have some ideas on what I want to make next....but I need to get my fabric dyes out and do some playing!!

We also created an outdoor cat run for my kitties! It was the dog's kennel we used for our other dog and it works perfect! We are still working on it. We would like to add some perches for them so they can watch the birds!! I don't like dragging the one they are on in and out all the time :P

So far they LOVE it!!! Lilly is obsessed now!! She cries at the door wanting to go out! Sophia likes it but she's more on the cautious side...not sure if it's safe yet!!
It's nice to watch them chatter at the birds and eat some grass and lay in the sunshine. Let's them get some fresh air!!
My little blue eyed beauties!!

Have a good Night!!

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Joyce Mayer said...

Precious on all levels.


Kristina said...