Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Come And Gone

So Halloween has come and gone and Christmas is everywhere....
I have decided that I needed another challenge..I really want a flocked Christmas tree. I've seen a few for sale and honestly they aren't as nice of  trees as I already have. I can't spend that kind of money when I have a perfectly nice tree already...so I will try and flock my own. I've read tons of pinterest how to's and read about all the crap you can use to flock a tree.
My biggest concern was ruining my tree and then having to go and buy another.
I decided to use the fake spray snow...good thing about this stuff is it can be removed if I really hated it...which I'm thinking I won't. I will buy some sparkly snow flakes to sprinkle the snow with so it has that snowy glitter.
I pulled out the bottom half of my tree and also decided to secure my lights in so it is easier to decorate. I hopefully won't have to take them off and they will be good for next year to!! That's the plan anyway....hopefully it works :O)
I will try to remember to take pictures.

Today I finished another bear :O)

He is for adoption!!
Please check out my Etsy store for his details

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