Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Just had to share....

I received an amazing letter from a friend and it just made me feel soooo wonderful and proud..that I had to share.
I'm not trying to brag...ok maybe a little lololol
BUT it just makes me feel so wonderful to know that the bears and critters I create can touch someone so much and make someone soooo happy!!!
18 years of making these little wonders and it still thrills me! 
Thank you Crystal!!!!
Your letter was so sweet and kind and just made me so proud and I am over the moon with happiness!!!

Dear Kristina.

Just wow. There's no one in the world who could make a bear just like this one, except for you. I've just unpacked him.
Marty is amazing, just a small handful of absolutely adorableness. He's just stolen my heart.
I love the colour, the olive green scarf, his lovely long arms and long posable legs, and his solemnly sweet face.
I actually feel a bit guilty for taking him off your hands - I don't know how you part with some of them! :)

Kristina you're an absolute master in the artist bear world, with your own unique style giving life to incredible living-art. Well they seem alive to me, they're just bursting with character! I hope you know your work is right there at the top, among the best of the best. (And I'm sure you already know they're my favourites - teehee.)

I am honoured to know you Kristina, and to have a variety of your lovely creations to look after.

Happiness, hugs & blessings to you and yours (four-legged pals included).
~ Crystal.

p.s. I find it funny for some creations, it takes a while to warm to them, and some light up your heart immediately. There are a few of your creations (and a ruby red elephant) that didn't grab me at the start. I just thought "how cute" and carried on, but later, after seeing them a few more times, when I realised just how cute they were - I was too late! Marty was one of these slow-burners, and I am so glad he waited for me because he is such a little heart breaker. I feel SO relieved I was able to adopt him. I think Marty, like a few of your others bears, will be a little traveller. Some of them just look at me like "take me with you!" lol. So there is often a small passenger hidden away in the pocket of my handbag, hitching a ride with me and giving me a secret smile. So thanks for all the smiles!

Thank you Crystal
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