Sunday, April 15, 2018

Finally Finished

Well I had planned on getting a rabbit done for Easter but it didn't happen. I was to busy playing with other
I do love me some paint and paint brushes. :O)
I worked on a few sign orders for friends at work. So that was lots of fun. 
Today I finished up another order and my Rabbit.
Now when I first started this critter I was having my doubts about it...but I continued on and it wasn't till pretty much when I finished that I fell in LOVE with her!!
She has the sweetest face and she loves having her picture taken....hahaha
 So here she is

Please say hello to


Love her!!
It's also getting close to that time.. I need to start creating some critters for the show in September. I know that seems a long way away but I can only sew so fast!
Happy Sunday
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